Launched earlier this week, I Dream Books allows users to view amalgamated critical reviews to see how well received their next read has been. Essentially, Rotten Tomatoes for books!
With happy and sad clouds being used to indicate the reception which a book has received, the site gives readers an easy insight into the views of a wide range of critics (much easier than trawling the Sunday papers!)

Although they’re just starting out, the site looks like it could be a good way of finding your next good read.

Jill's update:

One of the creators, a University of Waterloo Engineering grad, was on CBC Radio One's Fresh Air program on July 22.  He indicated that the website is now including books from the Top 6 U.S. publishers, e.g. Random House, Penguin, etc.  He is hoping to include more Canadian content and Canadian publishers in the future.

Check it out at this link: