Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Toronto Goes Bollywood!

Toronto is hosting the International Indian Academy Awards on June 25th which celebrate the past year's Bollywood films and actors. India has the largest movie industry in the world.

There is alot of buzz in Toronto this week with the arrivals of the Indian film stars into Pearson airport.  The success of movies such as Slum Dog Millionaire has brought them to a wider audience.

The Greater Toronto Area has a large South Asian population.  When I worked at the Ajax Public Library, I helped start a collection of Hindi movies which proved to be very popular.

Serving the Viewers' Advisory needs of newcomers to the country who speak languages other than English (and French in Canada) can be a challenge.  When the selector or advisor does not understand the languages, suggestions can be difficult to do.

Fortunately there are vendors who specialize in foreign language movies and can provide assistance in selection and movie content.  Making connections with the communities can help determine interests and titles.

Does your library provide foreign language movie collections?  How do you provide Viewers' Advisory Service for these films?

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