Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Toronto Type Books’ video shows the Joy of Books, goes viral

Check out this video! 

By Raju Mudhar Entertainment Reporter, Toronto Star

Toronto’s Type Books is making a splash on the web with its fun stop-motion video entitled The Joy of Books.
A clever and beautifully shot short piece, the video imagines what happens after the bookstore closes. With books dancing, reading each other and switching around in a domino-like effect, it’s a cute message about the tactile joy of enjoy a book.
Shot in a stop-motion format, each small movement of the books had to be moved by hand. The production clearly took some time and the YouTube posting thanks several volunteers who all helped make the cool visual effects in the video.
The description also makes mention of an earlier video called Organizing the Book Shelf, which looks like it served as a test for the larger scale second video.

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