Saturday, 2 June 2012

Is this the end of libraries as we know them?

Check out the Q section of the website to join the debate.  Should we be a community hub?  The Lincoln Public Library is having this discussion as we plan for our new Beamsville Library.


A heated debate is raging over a $300 million proposal to renovate the iconic Fifth Avenue branch of the New York Public Library.
The "Central Library Plan" includes shipping millions of reference titles to a storage facility to make room for more lounge-like spaces and maybe even a cafe.
These proposed changes are actually part of a larger trend among libraries across North America that are revamping their identity beyond books but as community hubs.
Is this transformation helping libraries maintain their relevance in the digital age, or are libraries just "carpetbombing themselves into oblivion" as one guest put it?
Join the Q debate and tell us what you think.

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