Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We are getting a new Library!

Beamsville is getting a new library facility in 2014! The community has only waited 162 years to replace its current building.  For those of you who know this library, it is in the original township hall with an generic 1970's addition which is cosy and historical , but certainly not designed for the 21st century library service. I think we are now in the oldest library facility in Ontario.

We will be moving into a brand new Community Complex that includes not only a library, but a new single pad arena and meeting space.  It will still be located in the heart of Beamsville in the old fairgrounds land partially surrounded by a new housing development.  For a community in the Greenbelt where new growth is restricted, this development will bring big changes to our small agricultural town.

Great fun ahead as we get ready with an updated collection, all new furniture and space.

I hope that we can create synergies with the sports and community groups to create the Community Hub which will bring people of all ages together.

Consider the possibilities!

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