Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Are Public Library Staff becoming Cruise Directors?

A couple of evenings ago, I was talking to a friend (not in library field) about what I had been doing that day at work - an exciting Teens vs Seniors Wii Bowling Tournament and the first meeting for our new Scrabble Club.  After I finished my description of my day, he asked if I was a Cruise Director.

Good question.  With the new focus of public libraries becoming a community hub and community activity centre, are we offering the same type of events and programmes as what we find in recreation centres, cruise ships and seniors clubs? 

The focus on programming is certainly something that was not on the curriculum when I went to library school.  Those were the days of courses on Government Documents, transliteration and programming with Basic. (Yes I am that old, but I was the youngest in my class!!)

This comes round to the training and experience for future public library workers.  Does the MLIS or Library Techniques curriculum really cover this?  Should we be Cruise Directors and Event Planners?

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