Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Julian Fellowes bemoans North America's 'Downton Abbey' broadcast lag

Yes, we still have to wait until January to see Season 4.
TORONTO - "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes says he, too, feels the frustrations of the saga's North American fans.
Season 4 of the sudsy period drama debuted to raves in the United Kingdom over the weekend, but viewers on this side of the pond must wait another three months to see the fallout of a devastating cliff hanger.
Fellowes says he wishes the series could air simultaneously everywhere, noting that U.S.-based blogs are awash with spoilers.
He says a more unified release would "increase everyone's enjoyment" of the series.
Last season ended with the sudden death of new father Matthew Crawley who had found happiness with Lady Mary after a protracted courtship.
"Downton Abbey" — which chronicles the upstairs/downstairs woes of an aristocratic family and their servants — returns to PBS on Jan. 5.
"I'm sorry about the time creating spoilers," Fellowes said Tuesday from Los Angeles, shortly after attending the Emmy Awards bash.
"Unfortunately it's not down to me, if it was, everything would be alright."
Fellowes said he'd much prefer a universal release, noting the delayed broadcast can ruin the experience for some.
"Because then the whole 'Downton' conversation could all be equally balanced. And the blogs and the this, that and the other, everyone would be receiving the information at the same time within a few hours. And that would, I think, increase everyone's enjoyment."

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