Friday, 17 October 2014

30 Moments Any Librarian Knows Too Well

With the shorter work week and preparations for next week's Board meeting, I am late posting this week. I just circulated these to my staff. I hope that at least one of these scenarios will relate to you! 1. “I’m looking for this book, I forget the title, but there’s a dog on the cover…?” 2. When a patron wants you to find a book, based only on the vaguest detail. 3.when a patron starts panicking because they can't find a particular book ... 4. When a patron is shocked that you know a bestseller off the top of your head. 5. Conversely, the shame of forgetting the name of a book you KNOW you know. 6. When your maturity is tested by a patron’s name. 7. When you refuse to give up on a search, even if the patron asking is long gone. 8. When you find the perfect source just after a patron has left. 9. When a little surprise falls out of a book you’re shelving. 10. When you see a book returned like this and your soul dies a little. 11. When some prankster pushing the books back on a freshly read and edged shelf. 12. When a patron wants to know how long the wait is for the latest YA hit. 13. When your shift is suddenly a workout. 14. When a patron tries to convince you that she KNOWS she returned that book. 15. When that potty training book comes back in, ah, not so great condition. 16. When you get first dibs on a brand new release. 17. When all of your holds come in at once and it is actually impossible to read them all. 18. When adult patrons ask if there’s any way to keep it down in the children’s room. 19. When you’re genuinely concerned about your health. 20. When you realize you’ve basically become your family and friends’ personal librarian. 21. When someone comes in with a reference question that makes you question everyone’s sanity. 22. When you have to double as IT for the patrons whose windows “just closed for no reason.” 23. When the cart becomes an extension of your overflowing desk. 24. And when all of that overflows to your home. 25. When it’s time to move. 26. When a kid draws you a special picture because you’re her favorite librarian. 27. Patrons. watching. porn. 28. When randos try to explain how you’ll be out of a job when libraries disappear in the not-too-distant future. 29. When a patron comes back to tell you how much he loved your recommendation. 30. And when they start seeking you out specifically because they trust your taste.

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