Wednesday, 26 November 2014

World's Smallest Book Store

Now this is the kind of roadside attraction I would stop for.

About 100 miles northeast of Toronto, The World’s Smallest Bookstore sits on a quiet stretch of County Road 503. world's smallest bookstore The bookstore itself is about 10ft by 10ft, and its shelves are full of mainstream literary titles and classic authors. The kicker is that the books are only three dollars apiece, paid on the honor system. (There is a larger selection of books (and prices) in another building on the property). Lest drivers miss the little speck of store, the bookstore’s road is several times bigger than the store itself.

There are handbills for visitors to take titled “Why I Love Books” that list the following reasons:
1) Books are silent.
2) Books do not require hydro.
3) Books do not interrupt.
4) Books open easily — no switches or remotes.
5) Books can be shut up easily anytime.
6) Books cannot be offended.
7) Books do not talk back.
8) Books do not demand T.L.C. — but get it anyway.
9) Books do not require food or water.
10) Books will not feel neglected.
11) Books will not send you on a guilt trip if you lose interest or ignore them.
12) Books never require medical attention
13) Books do not have commercials.
14) A book does not go into a snit if you look at another book.
15) A book won’t mind if you are reading more than book at a time.

How can you not love a place like this?  

(From Book Riot)

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