Saturday, 26 March 2011


One of the great difficulties in Viewers' Advisory is to identify the factors of appeal for a particular patron and then provide suggestions.

I just found 'Jinni' which calls itself 'Your Taste Engine for Movies and TV Shows'.  You can search using any or all of following topics (or factors of appeal in VA speak) or on visual collages of each:

  • Mood

  • Plot

  • Genres

  • Time/Period

  • Place

  • Audience

  • Praise

  • You can also do general searches.  Searching my man Colin Firth , you retrieve a visual list of his movies with Pride and Prejudice getting the largest ranking and the largest photo.

    I am going to play with this more to see how this will work for VA.  If you have used it, please add your comments here.

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