Thursday, 6 February 2014

Superconference 2014 - Nothing Comes Easy

As always, it was great to attend the annual Ontario Public Library Association Superconference in Toronto.  It was nice to see so many colleagues with whom I touch base once a year and find out what they have been up to.

For me, it was the plenary speakers who gave me so much food for thought.

An eye opener was the talk by science fiction writer, Robert J. Sawyer.  I admit that I am not a science fiction reader because it seems to be all technology and war.  However, Mr. Sawyer presented a good overview of the beginnings of the genre.  He then described the value of science fiction as an accepted way to criticize society.  I will read more science fiction now!

Two other plenary speakers reminded us that it is good planning and hard work that continue to be keys to success. 

David Usher, a gifted musician and creativity consultant, described the work involved in composing a chart-topping song.  It is in the hard work that the creativity will shine through. 

Commander Chris Hadfield described how the preparation for an emergency space walk was needed when ammonia leaked from a malfunctioning pump controller which had to be replaced in space.  The key to success is to visualize failure.

So, I have my work cut out for the year, especially the planning and hard work needed to move to the new library in the Town of Lincoln Community Complex.

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