Monday, 17 February 2014

The Library as Tardis

Here is an interesting article that a friend of mine forwarded to me.  The Library as a Tardis.  It makes perfect sense.  Another take on the 'Libraries aren't just Buildings Anyway' concept.

Libraries are the ultimate TARDIS - There is much talk about what to call "new" libraries, as we try to convey the fact that libraries are so much more than just books to borrow - they provide computer access for so many people with no other means of getting online, many offer a free wifi connection 24/7, we provide downloaded FREE audiobooks and e-Books and even videos, we help build literacy skills -- print and digital literacy in folks of all ages, we are community meeting spaces, offer kids programming for babies to teens, we offer book discussions and lectures for adults, more and more libraries are embracing the maker movement, turning the tide from being just consumers into creators -- whether it is learning to program an arduino microcontroller or a robot to more traditional arts and crafts. In Vermont we offer patrons free access to "Universal Classes", online continuing education classes on almost any topic imaginable!

No matter the size of the library, once inside you have access to a world of information, with a librarian ready to help guide you through Time and Relative Dimension in Space!

The Doctor knows about the power of libraries: "You want weapons? We're in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! This room's the greatest arsenal we could have -- arm yourselves!" (Doctor Who, "Tooth and Claw")

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