Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Do We Need Libraries?

There is a big buzz in the library world about the opinion piece by Tim Worstall in Forbes in the U.K. He is suggesting that all the British libraries be closed and every citizen be given a subscription to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription (which is not yet available in the U.K.).


Looking at it money-sized, it makes sense. The cost for the Kindle Unlimited subscription is definitely cheaper per capita than supporting and maintaining public libraries. It wasn't clear in the article how everyone in Britain would get a Kindle or how they would be trained on it.

However, as we in the library world know, libraries offer more.  From my office in the new library, I can see a continuous stream of visitors using the computers, checking out materials, reading a newspaper, studying, participating in our various programs or relaxing in one of our lounge areas.

On the hottest day so far this summer, the cool library certainly matters to the many people in my community who don't have air conditioning.

Libraries are important!

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