Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Joy of a New Building Project

The new Lincoln Public Library Branch has the joy of being not only in a new facility, but also in the middle of a new subdivision.

This week, the developer decided that it was time to put in the curbs in front of the library.  So it was almost impossible for traffic to get to the parking lot.  The landscapers put in a walkway in the middle of the south parking lot so there was limited places to park once you got there. Despite all this, our patrons perservered and made it in!

Inside, they are still working on the heating and cooling so there were ladders in front of one of the circulation terminals for a while this morning.  One shelving unit was being assembled and the workmen left out their tools which were enticing for the little ones attending our morning program to play with!

There is still some more work to finish up as usual in any building project, but I hope it isn't as exciting as this week so far!

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