Friday, 13 March 2015

This book tank spreads literature, not war

What a cool bookmobile!

Usually when one sees a tank rolling through your town's streets, it's not good news. But Argentinian artist and literature lover Raul Lemesoff has built a tank that spreads knowledge, not destruction. Lemesoff has become a global sensation for his "book tank," which is really a 1979 Ford Falcon that the charismatic activist converted into a militarized-looking library on wheels. He's taken his drivable sculpture -- which he calls his "weapon of mass instruction" -- around Argentina to hand out free books. The tank carries hundreds of books of all different kinds, from novels to poetry, which end up in the hands of random citizens. This tank is able to carry around 900 books at once. His primary target is to reach children.

Lemesoff, who partnered with soft drink 7UP to carry out the project, said it's a tongue-in-cheek way of promoting peace through literature. "I attack people in a nice and very fun way," he said in a video documenting his adventures. The book tank has been pretty active recently, as people around the globe celebrate World Book Day (March 5).

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